"Le miroir" a character who is in a state of introspection in which she seeks the peace.

the project also define and expose the feminine beauty and nature, through natural elements of both, being able to appreciate a connection through this beautiful combination without feeling the human loneliness. inspired by the aesthetics of the film "the mirror" 1975 by andrei tarkovsky and the painting "the venus of the mirror" 1647 by diego velázquez. in both influences we focused on the aesthetic that is reflected in landscape photography and perspective.


Model Brenda Luna.
Production by Cananea.
Photography by Louis F. Cota.
Réalisateur Alexis Barco.
Direct Sound by Francisco Ramirez.

Thanks to:
Carlos Lopez.
Juancho Villalobos.
Alma Gabriela Quijada.
Emanuel Venegas.

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