A short film by Alexis Barco.

A mother and her daughter live in a humble house on the outskirts of the city. Both live resigned to the routine and survival of day to day. Aurora, the daughter, lives escaping between dreams of the oppressive reality of a city contaminated by chaos and overpopulation. One afternoon like any other, upon returning home, an unexpected event will give you the opportunity for the first time in your life to make an important decision on your own. Sometimes the effort of the human being is not enough to be well.

Production: The Art Lab
Talent: Perla Villarello, Luz Reyes
Producer: Juan Carlos Solares, Alexis Barco
Directed by: Alexis Barco
Screenplay: Alexis Barco
Direction of Photography: Luis Alcocer
Art Direction: Gabriel Amor
Direct Sound: Felipe Ayala
Direct Sound Assistant: Daniel ayala
Sound design: Odín Acosta
Musical Composition: Víctor Hugo Sánchez Monroy
Edition: Alexis Barco
Post-Production: Andrés Galicia

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 2013